SCI-OPS: Scifi Skirmish Rules
coming 2021


Play any scenario you like or generate a random mission.

  SCI-OPS is a miniatures agnostic skirmish ruleset that combines the tactical combat of wargames and the character-building of RPGs. Carry your squads across a multi-game campaign or in one-off battles with 1 to 4 players.
Jump to a new environment every time you start a game or use the terrain you have to define your surroundings. Battle for a bio-weapon in downtown Moscow, fight in cramped hallways of a freighter, stealth through automated drones for the perfect sniper position, you can play any scenario you can imagine.


Customize your squads with a modern-day loadout or add as much sci-fi content as you wish.

SCI-OPS uses a tier system to let the player decide how far into the future their game takes place. You can play completely modern with current weapons and technology for realistic squad vs squad combat, or you can open up the tech tier and load up a mag-gun and targeting drone.


A variety of random elements, drop crates and NPCs to make each game unique.

Random tables introduce elements to gameplay that keep players thinking. SCI-OPS brings random events, no-go zones, off-table strikes, field upgrades and model advancement to the battlefield. Combine this with squad customization (or use the predefined squads) and an easy to learn ruleset and you have a strategic game with infinite replayability.


  • Bring your own miniatures! Use your favorite existing military, cyberpunk or scifi models!
  • STL files to print custom SCI-OPS miniatures!
  • Players can adjust the amount of tech available. Play with only modern weapons or add varying levels of future/scifi hardware.
  • Simple RPG style ranking system. Upgrade your crew as you gain experience.
  • Supports 1-4 players
  • A plethora of random events, drops and upgrades
  • Random scenario generation

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